Not enough time?

The most valuable thing for event like is TIME. Time to chat, discuss, share ideas, and hang out with other bloggers. As you probably notice the current program run-down is nearly jam packed. Many asked if we can get extra time to talk about things beyond the pre-arranged topics?

Yes we can! One quick idea is to do Birds-of-a-feather / Barcamp style gathering on Nov. 7th. Note that there will be HKBloggerCon runs in parallel (in Cantonese). If everyone agrees (and obviously we need some folks to take lead on group discussion), it’s possible to get a room and make it happened. Format of the proceeding (or no proceeding :-P) can be furthered discussed and determined.

Perhaps a lightening talk afterwards — those who are interested can sign up for 5 min presentation and speak out.

OK this would also mean you’d have less time to make $$ contribution to HK’s economy (alternatively you can do it at airport — HK provides THE best airport shopping experience in the world!). Anyway let us know what you think, via twitter or leave your comments here.



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