Travel Support Announcement part 1

Congrats to the following applicants who are selected to participating Blogfest.Asia ’09 with partial or full travel fund support (list in random order):

  • Portnoy Zheng (Taiwan) P
  • Odontunya Tsetsegdelger (Mongolia) P
  • Oliver “Blogie” Robillo (Philippines) P
  • Juned Sonido (Philippines) P
  • Boris Yang (Taiwan) P
  • Bun Tharum (Cambodia) P
  • Charles Chuang (Taiwan) F
  • Anthony Ian (Tonyo) Cruz (Philippines) F
  • Pitra Satvika (Indonesia) F
  • Irene Velska (Kazakhstan) F
  • Rinat Tuhvatshin (Kyrgyzstan) F

Note: (F)ull / (P)artial

The list above is the first batch from the selection process. There will be 2nd batch — to be announced shortly. Please come back and check.

We would like to thank every applicant for the interest and enthusiasm. The list in general shows a good diversity of geographic representation of Asia. The selected ones are the bloggers with strong dedication, passion and encourage. They represents true voice from their community as well as the gateway for the regional dialog of Asia / Asians.

A lot of bloggers will be traveling on their own cost and we truly thank them for the support as well. So, see you all soon in Hong Kong!


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