Travel Support Announcement part 2

Congrats to the following applicants who are selected to participating Blogfest.Asia ‘09 with travel fund support (list in random order):

  • Supadej Sutthiphongkanasai (Thailand) F
  • Kla Tangsuwan (Thailand) F
  • Tra Dang (Vietnam) F
  • Chakard Chalayut (Thailand) F
  • Hoan Le Khac (Vietnam) F

Note: (F)ull / (P)artial

We also confirmed travel support to three bloggers from Burma / Myanmar, and their names will be disclosed when / where appropriate.

You can also see the result of 1st batch selection here. With that we will have totally 21 bloggers to join the event with travel support. Total number of registration up to date is about 120 (coming from nearly 20 countries).

The selection process is now officially closed. Thanks for those who applied, and also to the sponsors / supporters.