Travel Support Announcement part 2

Congrats to the following applicants who are selected to participating Blogfest.Asia ‘09 with travel fund support (list in random order):

  • Supadej Sutthiphongkanasai (Thailand) F
  • Kla Tangsuwan (Thailand) F
  • Tra Dang (Vietnam) F
  • Chakard Chalayut (Thailand) F
  • Hoan Le Khac (Vietnam) F

Note: (F)ull / (P)artial

We also confirmed travel support to three bloggers from Burma / Myanmar, and their names will be disclosed when / where appropriate.

You can also see the result of 1st batch selection here. With that we will have totally 21 bloggers to join the event with travel support. Total number of registration up to date is about 120 (coming from nearly 20 countries).

The selection process is now officially closed. Thanks for those who applied, and also to the sponsors / supporters.


Are You R-E-A-D-Y?

Like most of you, we are very excited (and a bit nervous to be frank) as the event approaches. All of us in DotAsia (the local host) realized that we are putting a real pan-Asian event in less than 2-month time. As we all gear up to get things ready, many inquiries are sent over to us regarding flight plan, hotel booking, who I will be seeing, what else can do done, etc. So here’s some updated / useful info for all attendees:

  • If you’re requesting letter of invitation, please send your full name (as in passport), passport number, country where the passport was issued to info at blogfest dot asia
  • About hotel reservation: We have made 3 recommendations (see this link). We are able to get a group discount rate from Cityview. If you prefer Metropark Mongkok or Eaton, you should contact either of them directly. If you’d like us to help you get a room at Cityview, you MUST SEND US AN INQUIRY BEFORE OCT. 28 to secure your booking. If you would like to share room with other person, please indicate in your email too. You can also book the at nearby hotel which is not listed above.
  • If you are granted with travel fund support, most likely we will reimburse you during the event. Details of such process to be determined, but please make sure you keep all original receipts (flight record / invoice in print, boarding pass). Note that we will have 2nd batch of selection result to be announced shortly.
  • Lunch for 11/6 and 11/7 — we will help order lunch box for those who need it. There will be a sign-up sheet and you can pay at registration desk.
  • We are working on getting good coverage of WiFi and power extension / outlet at the venue. There’s no kiosk or WiFi card rental at the venue. You should bring your own laptop or other Internet divice.
  • We need volunteers to help manage twitter / coveritlive update and photographers. Please help!
  • We are finalizing details with WebWednesday. Stay tuned 🙂

We have not decided about what to do on Saturday (11/7), and would like to hear from all participants. Leave a comment here or have a chat on twitter.


Travel Support Announcement part 1

Congrats to the following applicants who are selected to participating Blogfest.Asia ’09 with partial or full travel fund support (list in random order):

  • Portnoy Zheng (Taiwan) P
  • Odontunya Tsetsegdelger (Mongolia) P
  • Oliver “Blogie” Robillo (Philippines) P
  • Juned Sonido (Philippines) P
  • Boris Yang (Taiwan) P
  • Bun Tharum (Cambodia) P
  • Charles Chuang (Taiwan) F
  • Anthony Ian (Tonyo) Cruz (Philippines) F
  • Pitra Satvika (Indonesia) F
  • Irene Velska (Kazakhstan) F
  • Rinat Tuhvatshin (Kyrgyzstan) F

Note: (F)ull / (P)artial

The list above is the first batch from the selection process. There will be 2nd batch — to be announced shortly. Please come back and check.

We would like to thank every applicant for the interest and enthusiasm. The list in general shows a good diversity of geographic representation of Asia. The selected ones are the bloggers with strong dedication, passion and encourage. They represents true voice from their community as well as the gateway for the regional dialog of Asia / Asians.

A lot of bloggers will be traveling on their own cost and we truly thank them for the support as well. So, see you all soon in Hong Kong!


Not enough time?

The most valuable thing for event like is TIME. Time to chat, discuss, share ideas, and hang out with other bloggers. As you probably notice the current program run-down is nearly jam packed. Many asked if we can get extra time to talk about things beyond the pre-arranged topics?

Yes we can! One quick idea is to do Birds-of-a-feather / Barcamp style gathering on Nov. 7th. Note that there will be HKBloggerCon runs in parallel (in Cantonese). If everyone agrees (and obviously we need some folks to take lead on group discussion), it’s possible to get a room and make it happened. Format of the proceeding (or no proceeding :-P) can be furthered discussed and determined.

Perhaps a lightening talk afterwards — those who are interested can sign up for 5 min presentation and speak out.

OK this would also mean you’d have less time to make $$ contribution to HK’s economy (alternatively you can do it at airport — HK provides THE best airport shopping experience in the world!). Anyway let us know what you think, via twitter or leave your comments here.